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Replica Gucci Lilith Leather Top-Handle Satchel Bag

Replica Gucci Handbags in early spring in 2017 were introduced to the two classic brand bamboo handle features, women’s soft charm to upgrade the new series of handbags, and into the creation of Alessandro Michele unique personality aesthetics.

Nymphaea is derived from a flower – Egyptian lotus; and in the ancient Greek and Roman mythology, it represents the natural goddess in the mountains between the water gods. Nymphaea series of handbags show full of vitality of the natural elegance of the United States, is echoing its source of inspiration.

Replica Gucci Handbags

This series of handbags have three styles to choose from, Replica Gucci Bags Lilith Leather Top-Handle Satchel Bag, White contains a handbag and two Tote handbags to bamboo handle and buckle features, with Gucci embossed words and brand exclusive Logo blue and red Web shoulder strap, and decorated with pearls as the finishing touch, exudes a gentle and elegant female charm. At the same time, different varieties of Nymphaea water lilies are also “pink pearl”, “white pearl”, “pearls in the pool” and so on.
Replica Gucci Handbags
Another replica handbags called Lilith, in the ancient mythology, Lilith for Adam’s first wife, and for the female ancestors, also symbolizes the feminine femininity and autonomy. Relative to the Nymphaea pearl series of handbags simple and elegant, Lilith series in the design to convey a more intense visual impact; brand two exclusive logo in series with the history of Replica Gucci Handbags and the current, the classic bamboo handle and the new coral snake Aesthetic symbols, sketched out a very graceful feminine but yet bold innovation of the new series of handbags.

Nymphaea pearl handbag with silky leather material, in color, there are monochrome and two-color combination models available for selection. Monochrome style were black, pink and hibiscus red, and in the combination of two styles are black with white, pink with white or black with hibiscus red.

Replica Gucci Handbags

In addition, the water snake skin is also specially selected on this series of handbags, in addition to the basic models of monochrome lime, the other two by the combination of three colors, respectively, with black and hibiscus red, and white with agate blue and Hibiscus red. To mold technology and hand-painted edge for the characteristics, then show a detailed handicraft texture; and zipper pocket and mobile phone built-in bag design highlights this section handbag at the same time both practical.

Lilith series of handbags using calfskin, crocodile skin or water snake skin made from a single layer of production techniques and hand-painted edge of the craft presents extraordinary texture. Monochrome calfskin models with black, white, hibiscus red for selection, crocodile leather section is black and hibiscus red-based, water snake leather section with white with black and hibiscus red combination.

Replica Gucci Handbags

In addition, in the bag with a pocket and with leather and satin two shoulder straps can be replaced, while the shoulder bag style is equipped with a chain shoulder strap; handbag clamshell edge to rare leather into a meandering snake as a feature decoration , Metal snake buckle on the mosaic of the green crystal so that the snake eye emitting a shiny light, even more mysterious style. Unique design vocabulary highlights the rich connotation of the Lilith series of handbags, with a unique personality charm.

Gucci Sylvie Leather Mini Chain Shoulder Bag Pink

Sylvie first appeared in the Replica Gucci Handbags spring and summer show, it is the most special place is in addition to the replica bags tote body decoration metal chain, there is a color of the ribbon! Different from the traditional metal or leather chain strap, this ribbon replica bag tote appeared to personality full, unconventional attitude to attract the attention of the world. Sylvie listing has been more than a year later, sylvie’s wave did not weaken the signs, the entire entertainment are back it.

And which the white sylvie is captured a large number of sister of the heart, Replica Gucci Bags Sylvie Leather Mini Bag Shoulder Bag Pink because no matter what occasion to attend, a simple sylvie can hold the audience. Simple and generous at the same time without the lack of girls heart, with the girlfriend go out shopping Ye Hao, sylvie bag is to let you become the focus of the audience watching GUCCI new bag, it become not calm , In addition to the world girls love the wine gods replica bag tote , as well as the summer of the hottest Sylvie ribbon bag, there are girls heart, there are Queen Fan children, even do not love to buy a replica bag tote of girls can not help but see more! You also come to feel the casual planting of this large grassland it!

Replica Gucci Handbags

In addition to Dionysaurus in the first half of the most popular bag, is the next to say that the Replica Gucci Handbags Sylvie ribbon bag, a little bit to be the rhythm of the screen ah, they are so long! Why is this replica bag tote to see people love? Because it is elegant, generous, wild, absolutely is the quality of money! And the bag has two replaceable shoulder strap, one for the leather shoulder strap, the other is a ribbon. Mini handbag with hand-made, leather fabric under the nylon ribbon, and with a gold chain and buckle. Metal buckle from the brand classic, with striped stripes with exquisite, full of fun. Use smooth and tough leather to build. Inside the bag is used in the suede fabric, the size is also divided into size, so that you travel without worries. Sylvie handbags in the Replica Gucci Bags spring and summer show, is the brand design director Alessandro Michele following the gods replica bag tote after the introduction of another burst. Sylvie handbag with Gucci iconic striped ribbon, but also with a decorative chain with a special feature of the lock. The inner layer is camel superfine fiber lining, the appearance is similar to suede. The front side of a card can be installed to change the side pocket, you can put iphone6; behind the zipper space is not small.

Replica Gucci Handbags

Sylvie replica handbags to the iconic Web Ribbon with a feature of the lock, emitting a unique fashion charm. From the creative director of meters open the magic of the hands of the aesthetic logo, with surging inspiration and a variety of iconic style, the definition of women will be different styles. Black and white is pure and clear, symbolic courage to express the self of women. They love but do not follow the crowd, stick to the faith is not maverick.

Some style with a lot of embroidery and painting ingredients, so that the whole bag looks different. Everywhere in the flowers like a heart in full bloom in the story of a dream garden, feminine tender and delicate side of the clear. In the gentle by Sylvie to tell the desire for a beautiful romantic, add a self-confidence charming unique charm. Small and small mini Sylvie let the overall shape of light and easy, easy to cross it, you can bring out the lovely cute girl side. Small body, but contains a great fashion charm

Replica Gucci Handbags

Shoulder strap is satin texture, but also the continuation of the brand logo striped ribbon design, the color and the body of the wool ribbon ribbon just echoes, the tail of the ribbon has a five-pointed metal card, increase the vertical sense. The shape of the bag retro and art, especially the British wind, the size is also very practical, mini models have a variety of colors optional. Size about 19 * 14 * 7.5cm, with chain strap (about 48cm high), can be placed with some small items, suitable for daily life, made in Italy.

Gucci Animalier Large Leather Top Handle Bag Brown

Although this year’s big LOGO design style is very popular in the luxury bag, highlight the big-name style gucci double-G buckle LV buckle small Hong double C buckle much sought after, but there are many people do not like big LOGO, at the same time to replace the big LOGO Of the chanel 2.55 series buckle gucci Animalier series tiger head buckle, Dionysus Dorsal Strap buckle turtles buckle also gradually favored by women, but this beautiful bag to introduce the gucci tiger buckle bag, because Animalier series gucci tiger buckle replica bag tote style fashionable domineering style, so let women with a gas field, Animalier series Replica gucci bag unknowingly has become the 2015 fire to 2016, screwing it street shooting domestic and foreign stars do not count Number, fashion domineering winds Animalier series gucci tiger buckle replica bag tote section quickly became popular in the expected, the popular style there are many.

Each animalier series tiger-headed buckle Replic gucci bag is a symbol of individuality, regardless of appearance or details are full of features, such as the strap part, grain lines calfskin, retro metal, interval suture Gucci fashion show T station interpretation, shape rounded Animalier series double G buckle turtleneck buckle gucci bag style (Click on the picture to the next page)

Replica Gucci Handbags

Pink calfskin mixed colors, significantly with the nature of the knotted strap design ingenuity, but also gives the charm with the sex, Animalier series tiger-headed buckle Replica gucci Handbag Messenger or hand is full of both stylish and gas field. Interpretation of the fashionable personality domineering full of gas field Animalier series tiger head buckle gucci bag, the figure of fashion people wearing purple lace pattern fashion holding purple calf leather tiger buckle gucci bag. Camel calfskin full gas field Animalier series tiger head buckle gucci bag Paragraph, the first buckle gucci bag design very rich style, retro metal and color matching can be hand-held with shoulder strap, with the effect of fashionable significant gas field.

Business and leisure OL commuter very rich style, full of gas field Animalier series tiger buckle gucci bag paragraph today’s protagonist is this year a fast sell out of stock Gucci Sylvie handbag. Sylvie handbags in the Gucci 2016 spring and summer show is a brand design director Alessandro Michele following the launch of the Dionysian replica bag tote after another explosion. Sylvie handbag with a Replica Gucci Bags iconic striped ribbon, but also with a decorative chain with the characteristics of the lock. Shoulder strap is a satin texture, but also the continuation of the brand logo striped ribbon design, its color matching bag with the body of the wool ribbon color echoes the whole bag retro styling and literature, the size is also very practical.

Replica Gucci Handbags

The overall replica bag tote was trapezoidal, with a briefcase to catch the foot, the line is very tough, gorgeous gold chain belt and buckle through the middle bag, belt design is very special, the middle there are blue and red nylon webbing details, in fact bag Very British Fan children. As for Sylvie’s most unique ribbons, the following for you to carefully. The back of the bag has a larger area of blue and red nylon ribbon stitching, metal chain belt from the bag through to the back. Bottom of the bag showing depression, black leather piping design is still able to wear dirt. Very smooth lines.

Bag lining is the suede fabric, very fashionable, but pay attention to the clean bag. There is a front side of the side pocket to install the card change, in fact, put iphone6​is also possible, but plus will be protruding to a length. Behind the zipper space is not small. Because handbags in fact relatively large, there is no internal compartment, so the bag is very large internal space. A long section of the wallet, charging Po, business card holder, and even air-cushion BB and mobile phones with exaggerated phone shell is no problem. Bag lock is very special but very simple, just Gucci logo with a small rectangle clockwise pull, you can open. First Sylvie bag is the biggest feature – ribbons, white and red and blue ribbon splicing very much in line with the designer Alessandro Michele to create a new aesthetic.

Replica Gucci Handbags

This ribbon has two functions: 1. as decoration, in the bag to make a beautiful bow, a small fresh flutter bag from. 2. As a thorough strap, soft ribbons and tough leather collision, very personal. 2. do not want to use ribbon, there is a wide belt.If you do not like or want to completely as a decorative ribbon, you can only use the bag with the belt, this belt to meet the most popular wide shoulder strap style, Also very fashionable!